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  • Music Videography – Middle Class Ways – Johnno Casson

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    Well that was unexpected.  A message out of the blue from an indie musician who has been on the periphery of a circle of mutual music/arts friends in Essex, asking me if I’d consider making a video for a track on his current album release.  The musician is Johnno Casson aka Snippet, and his album is called Future Melancholy Pop Music.  It is already attracting attention from BBC R6’s Tom Robinson, who has played a couple of tracks from it on his radio show, and has championed Johnno via his  Fresh On The Net independent music blog.

    Having previously listened to Johnno’s music with interest, and really liking what I had heard, I considered the request to do the video for about 10 seconds before answering with a firm “YES”.  Just one problem; I had never done anything this involved with film-making before.  I did a stop frame animation a few years ago, featuring a PG Tips Monkey, but that was about the extent of it.  I’m not sure what Johnno felt qualified me enough for him to entrust me with creating a visual representation of his lovely song ‘Middle Class Ways’, but I was very happy to run with it so got my head down and kind of hoped for the best.

    Here is the video, and, if you happen to be looking for something to do this Sunday (9th April 2017) then the album that this track is taken from is launched at The Minories in Colchester from 2pm, where Johnno will be performing some of the tracks live, along with a little help from his other musical friends.  It looks like it’s going to be a really good afternoon.   See you there, yeah?

    Future Melancholy Pop Music is released today on Folkwit Records 


    | Middle Class Ways | Johnno Casson |

  • One Thing Leads To Another

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    A Mutual Friend…

    About a year ago I met and took photographs of Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls of The Wonder Stuff.  They were playing a gig at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds, and I rather brazenly asked my friend, the author Charlie Connelly, if he could introduce me to them so that I could photograph them.  It was a punt and I was really delighted when I got an email from Miles agreeing to this.

    Of course I loved the music of The Wonder Stuff but it was the photograph I was interested in getting.  I knew that The Apex offered a space that would really suit the shoot; a goods lift that resembles a padded cell.  This isn’t a reflection on Miles and Erica’s personalities but still, I thought it could be fun.  And it was.  Both were very game, and I got some nice pictures from it.  Erica is very beautiful anyway, but both were playful and generous with their time, when it really would have been easier for them to hole up in their dressing room with a bottle of wine.  The evening only got better when I watched them perform. It was a really great gig, and no they didn’t do ‘Size of a Cow’, but that didn’t matter one bit.  If you have the time then it’s really worth having a good listen to some of the less well known Wonder Stuff …stuff… and both Miles and Erica’s solo music.  Hidden gems are the best. Oh, and go and see them live if you can. You won’t regret it.

    Fast forward to a year later, and Mark Thwaite, aka MGT, guitarist of choice to many musicians, including PJ Harvey, The Mission, Gary Numan and on and on and on, releases an album and uses my photograph of Miles, taken off the back of a random request, on the album artwork.  I couldn’t be happier.  It’s something when your work is used this way, but even better when the album – Volumes –  in question is really, really good.  Miles and Erica collaborated and you can see the result below.

    Thank you Miles, thank you Erica and thank you MGT.  Oh and thank you Charlie!


  • Thank You & Goodbye 2016

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    Well, the year has come to an end.  It’s been an interesting ride.  Terrible in many ways, but I’ve been really fortunate to have had a steady stream of work and for that I’m very grateful.  With that in mind, I want to thank all of my clients this year, for entrusting your images with me.  Whether that be commercial work, or private…. THANK YOU.

    I’ve learned a lot from all of you, and have met such lovely people along the way.  I’ve been invited to photograph for businesses that harbour museum worthy artefacts behind their doors, and businesses that work in the creative field making music; restaurant owners that pour their hearts into the dishes they create.  I’ve photographed couples looking forward to their weddings next year, I’ve photographed couples who have just spent their first married Christmas together, I’ve photographed babies who have also just experienced their best (first) Christmas ever!

    Whatever I’ve photographed for you, I wish you health and happiness in 2017.

  • If Music Be The Food Of Love……

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    I’m really fortunate to be asked take photographs of musicians, whether that be live, or promo shots.  I love music, I’ve played in bands myself, notably The Toots, and I have to listen to music while I edit photos.  Just goes hand in hand with the job.  This year started really badly for me, and lots of other people, when David Bowie launched off of this life and headed for the stars.  I’ve listened to so much of his music this year – we were so lucky to have such a talent and his legacy is massive.  A week after he died I headed to Brixton to go and lay some flowers at the shrine that popped up, created by his fans.  By chance, the walls of the shop next to it hosted huge ads for his widow Iman’s cosmetic company. Fans had written messages all over these posters and I took photographs because I felt it wouldn’t be long before they were written over, and eventually pulled down.  This was my favourite.  A beautiful model (I can’t find out who the original photographer was for this campaign), who had been transformed into Ziggy, and whose face was freshly ‘tattooed’ with messages of grief, thanks, love and hope, in the wake of Bowie’s demise.

  • Working Hours

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    There’s no such thing as 9-5 for a photographer.  This morning I was up and on location at 8:00am for a family shoot.  It’s murky, foggy and damp, but it was great fun.  A bunch of teenage girls messing about with old cameras, pulling faces, and the youngest telling me “oh yes I’m very photogenic”, with her tongue firmly in cheek.  She was, though.   Most families will struggle to be available Mon-Fri during normal working hours.  We are all so busy with jobs and errands, chores… all that everyday stuff.  So, I am more than happy to do my work with you when it suits you, in your own home, on location.  Give me a bell if you would like to speak to me about taking your photograph.

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