Heavily influenced by her dad, who worked in the music industry, Allison spent most of her childhood listening to first vinyl pressings and library music through a pair of headphones, writing stories and drawing pictures. Taking her otherwise perfect dad’s advice (“you’ll never earn a living out of it”), she didn’t go to Art College, so had to rely on self tuition and sheer determination to learn the technical aspects of photography – something that she still does on a day to day basis.

A self confessed people person, who is naturally inquisitive and who has a knack for bringing people out of their shell, Allison has honed the art of putting people at ease. Taking a decent portrait photograph in often time-limited situations, she has worked with well known personalities, private individuals and in a commercial environment.  She is influenced by pop culture, the fairy tales she read as a child and all the music she has ever listened to. With a passion for connecting with the people she works with, she believes that taking the photographs is only one part of the creative process that is best brought to life by working closely with her clients, whether they be celebrities, brides to be or business owners, to bring their ideas and visions to life.